We currently support the "Colegio Estrella de la Mañana" in Rosarito, B.C. Mexico.


This school provides free preschool,  primary, secondary and junior highschool education to the most needed children of the area.

This is an extended project from the orphanage Casa Estrella.




Trough the monthly contributions of our donors we are able to participate in the coverage of fixed expenses such as:

rent               - water

electricity       - food

for the twenty girls at the orphanage Casa Estrella, situated in Rosarito, B.C. Mexico.



​Our most recent project has been the financial aid for building the Junior High School facilities for the "Colegio Estrella de la Mañana" in Rosarito, B.C. Mexico.

This building has six classrooms with a capacity for twenty students each.


"Colegio Estrella de la Mañana" offers a great schedule for children. 

They are well taken care off with normal and extracurricular classes until 3pm, so that single mothers have the opportunity to go to work without worries about their children wandering at the streets and most likely falling into drugs.



Find us: 

11, Blvd. J.J. Pershing, L-2323, Luxembourg

Bank Account  "Together for Children A.S.B.L. "

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