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Peipei's Testimony

Updated: Feb 20

Peipei is a former student at Colegio Estrella de la Mañana, co-founded by Together For Children a.s.b.l. in 2012, and today she is an English teacher in the same institution.

She shares her story with us.

Peipei, former student telling her story

" My name is Victoria Peipei and I arrived at Casa Hogar Estrella on 2006 at the age of 7 with two of my older sisters, currently it is only me in the home. God has manifested Himself in an amazing way in my life through this beautiful ministry that I call home.

Before the home, I had not started school, however, since I arrived during summer vacation, they reinforced my reading and I managed to integrate directly to 3rd grade of elementary school.

During this summer time we had extracurricular activities among which was the English class, which was taught by someone I call "my aunt Lluvia", honestly this subject became one of my favorites and I can credit her for this, since today I am certified in English teacher working with high school students.

My aunt Lluvia not only taught us the language (speaking, writing, and understanding), but she also taught us about the word of God. I can say that she was a fundamental part of my academic and spiritual growth (which for me is the most important thing). I remember perfectly that with her I read my first book in English "I lost my tooth".

I have had the opportunity to participate in different events, inside and outside the country, as well as in fundraisers, artistic presentations, as well as different presentations made by the universities I have attended.

I am currently teaching English at Colegio Estrella de la Mañana at the high school level, and I have a second job as a dog trainer, I am also serving inside Casa Hogar de la Estrella and in my church.

God is doing wonderful things within these ministries and I can say that my aunt Lluvia has given me one of the tools that I have used the most in my life, since it has never been an impediment for me to communicate in a foreign country."

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