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Our story

In 2012, I began this passion project intending to give back to society in gratitude for all the opportunities I have been given. Today, thanks to our generous supporters, more than 600 Mexican children and their families benefit from education, expertise, and financial help to pursue their dreams.

I was raised by a single parent and our life was quite difficult. My mother, a hardworking and honorable woman, focused all of her efforts to raise my brother and me, providing us with the best opportunities she could. Nevertheless, we lived day to day, with many financial struggles.

Despite these challenges, I graduated from university in 2005 and emigrated from Mexico to work abroad. At that point, I was afforded many great opportunities; likely due to my excellent education. My good fortune made me think of the millions of Mexican children whose destiny was already determined by the socio-economic environment in which they were born, and unlike me, would never have the chance for a better future without our help.


This realization motivated me to co-fund an orphanage in the northern region of Mexico in 2006. At that time I also lived in the orphanage to support 20 girls with their education. The commitment of the founders of this project as well as the stories of the girls had a profound impact on me.

At that point, I decided that whatever path my life would take in the future, I will always dedicate part of my time and resources to support vulnerable communities.

Along the road, I found like-minded hearts, and finally, in 2012 a life-changing dream began as Together For Children a.s.b.l. was established in Luxembourg. Our team has expanded and we are now more than 12 volunteers committed to enabling new beginnings for children and women in distress.

I invite you to join us in this life-changing adventure. And who knows? Maybe you will also discover a much brighter light within yourself.

On behalf of our children, THANK YOU for your support!

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“In this life, we can not do great things, we can only do small things, with great love” - Saint Teresa of Calcutta

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