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By providing scholarships, training for local partners, and improvement of facilities, we enable projects that guarantee an inclusive education for children living in vulnerable communities, where due to violence and extreme poverty they are at high risk of drug cartels recruitment.

Illiteracy and lack of education have been present in Mexico for much of its history. The result of high levels of poverty, lack of fair paid jobs, government corruption, and the systemic failure of Mexico's schools has been the appearance of “los ninis”, an underclass of several million dropouts who “ni trabajan ni estudian” (i.e. neither work nor study), of whom many ended up as combatants on behalf of the cartels.

Today, only 60% of Mexican children attend junior high school and only 45% finish high school. Only 25% of young adults graduate from higher education. 22% of youth aged 15 to 29 are out of school and not working.

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Women empowernment

We empower mothers in distress by providing them with education, psychological and financial support.


Through our programmes, we bring together a multi-disciplinary network of professionals, such as coaches, teachers, doctors, psychologists and lawyers, to advise and join single mothers on their path to new beginnings.


High rates of adolescent pregnancy, a rising share of single mothers, who in many cases are care givers not only for their children, but also for their elderly parents, present ongoing challenges for women’s empowerment. These women are likely to work informally, often as domestic workers or street vendors, resulting in insufficient income to provide for a decent living. 

Today, less than 50% of 15 to 64-year-old Mexican women participate in the labor market. Nearly 60% of working women are trapped in informal jobs with little social protection.

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