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Educational Toys


Quality Education

Access to quality education is essential to unfold children’s total capabilities, and to allow them to see new horizons for their own lives. Students that partake in our programs are not only being prevented of recruitment from the drug cartels that use them as smugglers “halcones”, but most important, they are being prepared to make of their lives whatever they dream of.

Preschool to Highschool

Through our onsite partnerships with local schools, we provide educational scholarships to children and youngsters aged 3-18 years.


Since 2012, more than 600 children and their families have benefited of our financial support that assures for enough personnel for quality education.

The projects we support offer children and adolescents extra school activities giving them the opportunity to know and awake all their talents. Music, sports, and foreign languages are taught from 14-16hrs after regular school hours, which in Mexico, take place from 8-13 hrs.


Our scheme allows mothers to be at work, while knowing their kids are in a safe environment, away from the threat of cartel or vandalism recruiting on the streets.

Would you like to sponsor a child's education with 35€ a month?

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