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Martha's Testimony

Updated: Apr 25

Matha is a former student at Colegio Estrella de la Mañana, co-founded by Together For Children a.s.b.l. in 2012. She shares her story with us.

"My name is Martha. I came to Casa Hogar de la Estrella in 2013 when I was 9 years old. I came to Casa Hogar with the hope that they could help me with my problem.

Two weeks after I was born I had Meningitis, I did not open my mouth, I used to feed myself with straws. I could only had soft foods, only those that I could ingest through the separation of my teeth.

The years passed until I was in 1st grade of high school, my parents Joe and Esther took me to Mexicali to process my Mexican passport. Then they did the visa procedures to cross into the United States of America. I got my visa.

I remember my new parents, Joe and Esther looked for help everywhere during two years. God granted our prayers, giving us an appointment at the Shriners Hospital. The big day arrived. After the doctors analyzed they talked a lot about the case and sayed they couldn't do anything for me since the facial was not the hospital's forte. Months later my parents got an appointment at the Las Californias Hospital since there was a doctor who was a specialist in this type of cases. The day came and she examined me and I remember that she said that my case was very particular and interesting.

She referred us to an association in San Diego called FRESH STAR. The great news were that they could operate and that I would be able to open my mouth after 16 years of having it almost totally clsed. The surgery took place on September 9, 2019. The truth was that it was only because of God and the great effort of my dad Joe and my Mama Esther, they were always in constant prayer, just like me.

After the surgery I continued with rehabilitation exercises. I finished my junior high-school and entered high school thanks to the support of Together For Children a.s.b.l. I managed to finish my high-school in September 2021.

I entered the university and currently attend my second year of Administration and Marketing (2023). I volunteer at Casa Hogar Estrella as an educational counselor to other girls. I also work in the administration and the cafeteria at Colegio Estrella de la Mañana.

I think all this was possible thanks to God, my parents and Together For Children a.s.b.l."

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