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2023: "Blanquita's presence at the school is a lot of help. She helps children to be better."

Updated: Feb 20

The 3-R Program focuses on the physical, mental, and emotional health of the participants; a vulnerable community, members of the primary school Mariano Valenzuela de Ceballos, located in the northern state of Chihuahua, Mexico. Implemented by a professional onsite psychologist, aiming to support single mothers and children to Restore their psychological and emotional health, help them to acknowledge Responsibility for their own lives and decisions, and to empower them to Reinvest in their own lives and those of their children.

Perla's testimony

“Blanquita's presence at the school is a lot of help. She helps children to be better” shares Perla in her testimony. "Blanquita" is the psychologist working at the school.

As one of the many results of the 3R-Program; from the point of not bringing the kids to school, Perla now doesn't only makes sure they arrive punctually every morning, but she has also become part of the school's staff in the canteen. She is mother to Luis Manuel, Jasmin and Zeira, three sponsored children attending the Mariano Valenzuela primary school.

In this video she mentions that thanks to Mariano Valenzuela's teachers, psychologist and infrastructure:

· Her children have found a place to grow and learn. They happily attend school regularly.

· The schoolchildren enjoy healthier meals thanks to the Nutri-Mex program.

· Children from the whole community can enjoy playing in the shade of the dome.

“The kids that left this year feel happy about the improvements that happened here.

My son will soon graduate, yet we know that all the improvements are not only for my kids, but will be enjoyed by future generation of students"

On our last trip this summer 2023, we motivated Perla to finish her high school education. She stopped studying at 17 years when she became a mother. Perla has been reassured that she can count on us to pursue her goals.

The team of Together For Children is very proud of this beautiful family.

A true testimony that:

  • Improvements in the environment and infrastructure of a school positively impact the growth and overall development of children.

  • Supporting single parents, especially women, can transform the life and dynamics of a whole family, and a community.

Thanks to every donor, we can continue bringing hope to more lives like for Perla, Luis Manuel, Jasmin and Zeira!

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