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2022. Nutri-Mex...let's get healthy!

The obesity rates in Mexico rate of the highest in Latin America. In 2016, 15% of the children presented such a problem and the statistics are not better today.

We therefore decided to start Nutri-Mex. A program aiming to:

  • Benefit 25 children, ages 6-12 years in state of undernutrition & obesity at the primary school Mariano Valenzuela Ceballos in Chihuahua-Mexico

  • Provide professional support by a nutritionist & two healthy meals at school every day

  • Track changes to make improvements

The program has a total cost of 6,200€ per school year.

Would you like to be part of this life changing project?

your next event: birthday, weeding, baptism, etc.

If you need some assistance on how to organize, just contact our team:

We will be more than glad to assist you.


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