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2021. Run for hope - 21km

Updated: May 2, 2021

Dear friends,

Together for Children has the pleasure to announce a fundraising event RUN FOR HOPE – 21km!

May 15th was the date planned for the ING Marathon in Luxembourg City. Many of you are familiar with this event, when normally thousands of runners and supporters join to celebrate life.

Expecting that things would improve regarding the sanitary situation, TFC Funder & President Lluvia Escalona inscribed for the 21km challenge, and she has been training now for months.

Unfortunately, the event was recently canceled (23.04.21). But, nevertheless Lluvia will still run a half marathon on Thursday, May 13th at 10:00 hrs, following the original ING Semi Marathon route. We are very glad to have athlete Nathalie Bart also joining her in this race for hope.

🍀 Read further to learn how YOU as well can support this initiative!

‘’My inspiration comes from thinking of all children back in my country, who have not returned to school since the beginning of the pandemic. For over a year, they have been away from their safe space for learning and playing. Not only that, but unfortunately, home violence has drastically increased due to the difficult economic situation people are facing.’’

– Lluvia Escalona

In order to provide concrete help to the community of Chihuahua in Mexico, Together For Children started a Psychological Support Programme attending 16 vulnerable families. Weekly psychological sessions and a gift card for grocery shopping have been given since September 2020. We are running on May 15th in order to raise funds that will enable us to continue bringing hope to the families in need. All donations proceeding from the "RUN FOR HOPE - 21km" will be designated to this Programme.

Special thanks to Travel-Pro who is doubling any amount we fundraise.

Join our mission by making your donation to the Together For Children account: LU29 0090 0000 6377 8047. Communication: run for hope - 21km. Or by GoFundMe.

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