Our comitment with this kind of sponsorship is to thechildren in school ages, who live in vulnerable communities which have been affected by the violence in Mexico. 


Trough EDUCATION and NUTRITION, we persue that child labor and dropout rates may be reduced on this areas.


This Program has been designed for the financial and emotional support of a child and there are two options for you to participate:


  1. Sponsor a student at Colegio Estrella de la Mañana: With a monthly contribution of €35 you'll ensure his/her education, textbooks, recreation and sport activities. This aid targets the most needed students from Colegio Estrella de la Mañana in Rosarito, Mexico.

  2. Sponsor a girl from the Orphanage Casa Estrella: With a monthly contribution of €70 you'll ensure not only her education, textbooks, recreation and sport activities but you contribute as well to her nutrition. This aid targets the girls at the Orphanage Casa Estrella in Rosarito, Mexico.


As part of this program you are more than welcome to keep in touch with your sponsor child  through our organization, so that you can encourage and track his/her progress. 




Thank you for your interest in our Godparent Program!

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11, Blvd. J.J. Pershing, L-2323, Luxembourg

Bank Account  "Together for Children A.S.B.L. "

IBAN :  LU29 0090 0000 6377 8047  

BIC    :   CCRALULL (Banque Raiffeisen)