1. How old are the children from the godparent program?

Children ages go from 2 up to 18 years.


2. What is the minimum and maximum amount of time for which I can be a godparent?

We recommend a minimum of a year. This allows the child to complete the school year with the support of the godparent, and to receive benefits regarding health, nutrition and education. By sharing this amount of time together, godparent and godchild get to build a very constructive bond.


The maximum amount of time for the godparent to sponsor a child is up to the godparent. There are no time limitations.


3. Can a child have more than one godparent?

No. When a child enters the godparent program, he or she immediately goes into a new database so that a new child can also be benefited.


4. Can a godparent sponsor more than one child?

Yes, a godparent can sponsor as many children as he or she wishes to as long as there is an equal commitment to all of them.


5. Can the godparent choose the age, gender and/or the city the child lives in?

No. In order to avoide any kind of discrimination and to give all children the same opportunities, children are assigned randomly to the godparents.


6. Can the godparent send letters or gifts to his godchild?

Yes, every godparent can send gifts or letters to the child as long as the process is being done through Together for Children asbl. The gift or letter must be sento to Joe and Esther Valenzuela, directors of Casa Hogar and Colegio Estrella in Rosarito, Mexico, where letters will be translated (if necessary) and gifts will be given to the child.


7. What kind of gifts are not allowed to be sent?

It is very important for the godparents to understand that they are communicating to a child, so weapons, drugs and/or any other kind of element that can be considered as a dangerous object for them are discuraged.


Very expensive gifts or expensive jewelry are not recommended neither. It is absolutely better if you send presents that can be useful for the child's education and personal growth.


8. How can you assure me that my present goes to my sponsored child?

Godparents are welcome to visit his/her godchild as many times as they wish. In doing so they can make sure that the child is getting a proper education, health and nutrition.


Regarding the gifts or letters that godparents send to their godchild, as soon as he or she receives it, a picture is taken with the present and this will be sent to the sponsor with a thank you letter from the child.


9. Can the godparent visit the child?

Yes. Godparents are encouraged to visit the child he or she sponsors whenever he wishes so. The only formality the godparent is requested to do is to contact Together for Children asbl telling us about the dates in which he or she is planning to visit. This with the purpose of better coordinating this event with the mexican asociation.


10. Does the process for a Godparent to become such, has to be done through Together for Children a.s.b.l.? Can the godparent communicate directly with the child?

Since we are taking care of the childs security, as well as the the godparent's, it is important that the process is always done through Together for Children asbl. Visits, phone calls or gifts must be monitored by us and/or the mexican asociation where the child belongs to, which in this case is Casa Hogar and/or Colegio Estrella.


11. What happens if a child that is being sponsored leaves the school? What happens with the process of the godparent program?

When a child leaves the school or the area, a report will be sent to the godparent informing him or her about the situation. In this case, a new child will be assigned to the godparent if he or she wishes so. 

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