Together for children is a Non Profit Organization based in Luxembourg. Our board is conformed by four permanent members responsible of the different activities of our organization (projects, sensibilization, finances, etc.).

Our global aim is contributing to end poverty worldwide enabling projects which guarantee an inclusive and equitable education for all. It is of our main interest helping to achieve gender equality and to empower woman, specially girls. In doing so, we believe to be promoting a world sustainable economic growth, which in our case focuses on empowering the most vulnerable groups of Latin America, and more specifically in Mexico.

Since 2012 we have been participating with different education and social works in the northern region of Mexico (Tijuana and Rosarito, Baja California).

We currently work to develop entrepreneurial projects that strength students, teaching them a métier for their future financial independence.


Our objectives:

  • To prevent young populations from school dropping and/or drug cartel recruiting.

  • To empower vulnerable groups in order to achieve a better quality of life.

Our activities:

  • Together for Children asbl works as a nonprofit organization which is fundraising in the private and public sectors in order to finance projects and programs run by local organizations in Mexico.

  • Together for Children asbl presents different angles of the Mexican children in disadvantaged situations in order to sensibilize the European community and to call them to an action that may impact a child’s life on a positive way.

Target communities:

  • Orphans

  • Single mothers

  • Children & youth on vulnerable communities

Areas of intervention:

  • Education & Formation

  • ​Health & Nutrition

  • Sensibilization 

Find us: 

11, Blvd. J.J. Pershing, L-2323, Luxembourg

Bank Account  "Together for Children A.S.B.L. "

IBAN :  LU29 0090 0000 6377 8047  

BIC    :   CCRALULL (Banque Raiffeisen)